14 principles of Enterprise architecture

  1. EA is a collaborative effort of the whole (your organisation, your network and all the rest)
  2. Always regard EA as a tool to build products that meet audience needs.
  3. The very best architects know your industry really well.
  4. Do not attempt to do everything yourselves. Use open resources.
  5. Customize frameworks and tools, don’t create from scratch.
  6. Treat the entire idea-space as a creative canvas.
  7. There is a web out there and it is a conversation. Join in, post your EA material online.
  8. Any EA initiative is only as good as the users experience of the last delivery.
  9. Make sure all your content can be linked to, forever. And version it so it is always up to date.
  10. Remember your CXO and your audience won’t ever use “insert any named EA tool”.
  11. Explore all possible routes to artifacts.
  12. Accessibility of EA material is not an optional extra.
  13. Availability of EA material is not an optional extra.
  14. Link to open material on the web (wiki, discussion groups, blogs).

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