Is the trend pointing to EA?

Tracing the search and news patters for Enterprise Architecture and some related fields we can see some distinct patterns.

Google Trend of Enterprise Architecture vs business strategy vs it strategy

In the strategic view we see that the interest for business strategy is fluctuating hard. It looks like the big dips occur around midyear when students leave school and workers go on holiday. But consistently business strategy as a search term has been on a downwards slope since 2003. Both enterprise architecture and it strategy show the same downwards trend, although not as sharp as the trend in business strategy. In the news reference we see that business strategy has a rising trend. What does this mean?

Google Trend of Enterprise Architecture vs information archicteture vs business archicteture vs IT-archicteture

In the architecture view we see that that Enterprise Architecture and Information architecture follow the same path. It looks like the IT and Business architecture searches has some attraction.

Google Trend of Enterprise Architecture vs Open Group vs Togaf

If we trace Enterprise Architecture against Open Group and their tool Togaf, we see that Enterprise Architecture and Open Group follow each other well through the history. It looks like the release of Togaf the framework of Open Group, had an aligning impact on the searches performed on Enterprise Architecture and Open Group.

Google Trend of Enterprise Architecture vs Systems engineering

Comparing searches on the terms Systems Engineering and Enterprise Architecture, we see that they have both been on a downwards trend until midyear 2006. At that time they stabilized and go on in parallel.

So what is there in this to rave about

Well it looks to me like interest in all the fields I’ve touched upon in this article where affected by some force prior to 2004. Maybe it was the crash of the New Economy. It looks like there has been a stabilization in the interest of these fields since midyear 2006, as far as searching goes. When it comes to news there is a gradual but persisting rise in the interest on these fields since 2004.


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