The art of architecture #4

In an interview on MIT Sloan Leadership Center featuring Mikael Kaiser, I found the core qualities, abilities and aptitudes of a great architect.

#1 Do good work

“The most important thing is to do good work. It’s as simple as that,” Kaiser insists.

#2 Focus on long range planning

“Long-range planning is critical to bringing troubled organizations back from the brink of disaster”

#3 Stay true to your core business and stand by the plan laid down

“He credits his successes not to wholesale firings, bringing in his own people or slashing costs and wages, but to concentrating on creating good art, increasing marketing, opening the door to the press, and staying “hyperfocused” on the organization’s plan. ”

#4 Take the lead, but stay humble

“You will never see me doing an audience survey asking an audience what they want to see or hear. I don’t believe in that,” Kaiser says. “I believe my job is to lead the public and not to follow the public.”


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