Dahlberg Identifies The Nine Non Disruptive Business tools for 2008 to 2012

Västerås, Sweden, June 02, 2008 — Enterprise architecture, Zachmans Framework, Methodologies for Enterprise architecture and Enterprise architecture communication tools are amongst the nine most non disruptive business tools that will shape the business landscape over the next five years, according to research and advisory person Jörgen Dahlberg.

  1. Enterprise architecture as a practice
  2. Zachmans Framework envisaged as the periodic table of EA
  3. Methodologies for Enterprise architecture, such as EACOE, modaf, togaf and agileEA
  4. Enterprise architecture communication tools, such byggplast, post-it notes, wiki, blog, portal, dashboard
  5. Enterprise architecture repository and modeling tools such as aris, qualiware,
  6. Enterprise architects
  7. Other architect specialists such as information architects, technology architects and business architects…
  8. The solidification of EA as a practice used to create configurable enterprises
  9. The certification of people as enterprise architects by organizations such as universities, togaf, EACOE

All the while Gartner insist on identifying the top ten most disruptive technologies, read more about that here http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=681107


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