Wonderful times for Enterprise Architecture

I had the opportunity to visit Quebec last week a wonderful city with excellent food. The reason I was there was to attend Zachman Internationals EA master class part 1 and 2. The first two days John himself taught and it was excellent as usual. The last two days where held by Stan Locke and was just superb, he showed us many things about the new framework (ontology) that will come in handy. It is safe to say the going from theory to action is no easy feat, and doing it in the world of EA has been next to impossible so far. But using the new and reworked mindtools of Zachman and Locke it is not only possible it is probable that you will go home and do it.

Those of you who have not attended these new classes I suggest you do. Being guided through the new framework by the minds who created it is absolutely awesome.

If you get to the course in Stockholm come by and say hi, I’ll be there.


One thought on “Wonderful times for Enterprise Architecture

  1. Interesting. I have looked at the framework in different business and client engagements. But when helping establish an enterprise architecture, where no formal version existed, it can be a daunting task in the real world.

    “Live, Forever” http://neternity.org

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