All things starts with an idea

I have been working on a way to let teams experience enterprise architecture and enterprise engineering in real life. I’ve looked into using traditional building architecture, abstractions on factories and production lines, even looked into training marathon runners. The one and only way I have found to actually get to the point is working with Lego. I think the tactile feeling of the blocks ads a tremendous advantage over any other learning experience.

Basic chain of events

Start with generating the idea, there are many ways of doing this. One can try structured methods like Blue Ocean Engineering or classic unstructured methods like workshops.

Take the idea and make a basic sketch.

Which ever way you chose to generate your idea, the important thing is to bring the idea from ideaspace down to reality. In this case reality is a visual representation in the form of symbols, pictures, drawings, film,  sound, smell, taste or text.

Take the sketch and formalise it in a design language that can be communicated outside of the group.

Use the design to break down the requirements needed to be made explicit so that a blueprint for the design can be generated.

Depending on the reality domain your idea is placed in you will select an appropriate construction method and start constructing your idea.

In the most basic form of happiness the use of an idea cracked, worked and realised by your self is a wonderful experience.


If you’d like to experience this for your self or your team then send an email to me at and I’ll bring my boxes of Lego to you.


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