Microsoft moves in to the field of EA tools

If you are heavy users of Microsofts tools like Visio, Sharepoint and Office and have decided upon going the MS way of IT, then it may be worth your time to take a look at Microsofts offer in the EA tools market.

It looks a little rough around the edges if your used to other EA tools like Sybase Powerdesigner, Qualiware, Aris, Mega, Troux or Casewise. However it looks like it has some strong features especially on the communication part, where it relies on the portal functions of Sharepoint.

You can find more information by following this link to Slideshare where Microsoft Evangelist Mike J Walker posts slides on the subject.


One thought on “Microsoft moves in to the field of EA tools

  1. I think you are right. Microsoft stuff has been rough around the edges to non-existent in certain aspects of EA design tools. Some of that is changing. However, I hope Microsoft continues to foster the growth of a vibrant partner community.

    Thanks for the link to Mike Walker’s slide decks. Mike is a very smart guy and I look forward to perusing the EA slide decks he has created. As an aside – I worked with Mike to try and connect my former company (K2 – workflow) to the Office Business Application (OBA) initiatives. He was very candid and willing to work with partners to create joint solutions. I know Mike “gets it” when it comes to partnering and delivering customer facing solutions.

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