Four essential problems with Enterprise Architects

I’ve come across four essential problems with architects in the enterprise field. These are not special to Enterprise Architects, I’ve seen them in all types of architects in the enterprise field as well as in the development field

  1. It appears that in general architects and architect teams in the enterprise field go way beyond the scope of what would be considered the responsibility of architects and architecture in any other field of architecture.
  2. It appears that architects use more of their time trying to define their own importance to the business and IT domains in various ways than actually producing architecture that could be used in the growth of business and IT.
  3. It appears that architects don’t have the tools (e.g. languages, methods, experiences, networks) to actually do the work they are hired to do.
  4. It appears that architects have a hard time appreciating the fact that there are many different types of architects and that these other architects are probably better in performing these specialisation architecture works than they themselves.

I view these as symptoms of a profession in birth. It was probably a lot like this in the early years (late 1800) of building architects. They however managed to get pass the issues separating them and build one of the strongest professions on earth.


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