EA World – A magazine I’d love to read

I’ve been thinking about the articles I’d like to read if there where an Enterprise architecture magazine on the stands. Maybe this will inspire some to write some good articles, maybe it will inspire me to write a post or two. Whatever, here is the outline as I envision it.

Section: Editors dialogue

In this section the chief editor writes on the main theme of the issue.

Title: The time race

Outline:In a world where the business spins its magic ever faster to attract the customers, the enterprise architects wield the tool of visual business models…

Section: Contributors

In this section the correspondence with the magazine is published

Section: Tidbits

In this section there would be two main themes alternating to reflect the main subject of each issue. The main themes would be: Breaking bad habits and Celebrating best practice.

Title: Breaking bad habits

Outline: 5 mistakes and how to fix them. Numbers on bad habits, a show of the most recent poll stats. A couple of small statements to provoke thinking.

Section: Business

In this section we would collect the latest business related news.

What happens in the business world of EA. Mergers and acquisitions. Layoffs and trade-offs. The major players corner. Financial.

Title: How to add value without increasing expenses

Outline: What can your team do to add value to your customers without increasing expenses?

Section: Technology

In this section there would be tests, presentations and commentary on the technology that supports working with, communicating on and creating enterprise architecture.

Title: From blueprints to dashboards, the new era of enterprise architecture tools has started.

Outline: Even more than before the tools supporting enterprise architecture are called upon to be enterprise centric. It used to be that the tools where used by no more than a handful experts. Now the tools are diverging into specialized areas like modelling, presentation, measuring, collecting, integrating and managing to name but a few…

Section: Profession

This section would support the profession of enterprise architects and work towards establishing some kind of baseline on what enterprise architects do. It would bring about the culture, sub-culture and pop-culture of enterprise architecture. It would celebrate at least one hero of enterprise architecture and possibly one team in a subsection named Standing ovations.

Title: Thinking up-side down

Outline:In the land of down-under enterprise architects think the other way round. When the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere divide the problem space they…


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