Gettin’ it Right

A significant amount of time and resources can be saved by adopting a suite of foundational standards. If we aim to integrate processes between enterprises, divisions and even departments inside organizations then there is no alternative to working with open external standards. The low hanging fruits will be at least:

  1. The possibility to benchmark suppliers, products, methods, frameworks, repositorys, standards, people
  2. External suppliers of education, certification, tools and help
  3. Use of open market best practice
  4. A possibility to outsource
  5. An industry common language
  6. Faster time to market
  7. Lower cost
  8. Use and re-use of architecture
  9. Something tangible to adhere to when recruiting
  10. Co-operation

If we at least find use of some standards surrounding structural- and behavioral change then we could probably get a better financial result.


bye the way the lists in the image above is by no way complete.


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