Part Three: The way of an Enterprise Architect

Less is more

Sometimes less can actually be more, it’s not that you simply get away with not doing the important things, rather it’s doing the important stuff, the stuff that really makes a difference and letting the other stuff be the fluff it was supposed to be. Is it so then that you can take something like TOGAF or Modaf and configure it in a really lean and practical way and hope to succeed in all matters of Enterprise architecture? I don’t think so, and hopefully neither do you.

How much is enough?

Enough is when you have done as little as possible but satisfied all stakeholders and feel proud of what you have achieved.

Securing your enoughness

How then can we make sure that we hit the “enough” target? First, you have to realize that there is no single way to carry you forward to all possible goals. Second, you can base your effort in any single framework you like. Third, you are dealing in change and as such things will have to adopt to change. Simply said, every engagement needs to be tailored and it  is easier to tailor some generica(Togaf, Modaf, Dodaf) you have tailored many times before.

Simple rules to guide you

  1. The bigger the effort, the greater extent of the generica needed
  2. The faster from idea-to-solution, the more specific the extent of the generica need to be
  3. The more regulated, the greater the extent of the generica needed

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