A great tale on the dynamics of Enterprise Architecture

The Great Master Lea had an awesome day on his sunny but slightly cold mountain top. He prepared himself to navigate the winding trails of hard labour and the master knew he would enjoy the hours to come. Crawling up the mountain side came what appeared to be a team of hockey players, but alas it was not so. Once again the Great Master had been approached by business people, this time though they had all been attending match when they realised that they had a need, an urge, a craving to ask the Great Master a question. This is what they asked: “Oh great master Lea, why is our expertly architected game strategy not actionable?” The great master Lea looked at the team then turned his head towards the sky and just as he was about to utter his words of wisdom a would be hockey manager appeared as an apparition before him. Trembling with anxiety the manager roared out an answer to the question: “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE IT IS YOU GUYS WHO DOES NOT EXECUTE THE PLAY ACCORDINGLY TO STRATEGY!!!”.  The Great Master who was great in many ways beyond the field of Enterprise Architecture waved his hands and thus the apparition dispersed like a cloud on the computing heaven. Then he turned towards the business people looking like hockey players and said: “You have to move all of your architecture from fixed to dynamic behaviour.


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