The essential camp fire

Many of us can still remember when we as kids hiked out into the deep woods and sat around the camp fire telling stories, reminiscing of the day that had passed and what we would accomplish tomorrow. It all started there you know, all our abilities to become fully aware of our selves through the observation of our surroundings and our actions was originated around that single instance of burning wood. If we wanted to extend our awareness beyond what we as the small collective had experienced then we’d sit by someone else’s fire.

Through the story beside the camp fire we grew our self-awareness and through the use of symbols we learned how to exchange some of that awareness with people who were not present. To extend our common awareness even further we collected the symbols and made them a language of its own. These symbols could be inscribed on all sorts of materials, the most successful being wood. Further on we transformed our symbolic languages into binary representations that could flow effortlessly between the machines we used as a medium for our conversations.

When we moved into the digitization era we created an expectation of an awareness that implies a binary mind, not a human mind. We rushed perhaps to fast into the newly created interconnectedness of things. The linear speed created through the use of virtual representations instead of the earlier non-linear speed of the things themselves made it impractical to reflect on the whole reality and moved us into a situation where we reflect on the idea of small parts of a virtualized reality. On the way we forgot how to manage our selves and through that manage the human collective and it’s place in the whole.

Today we sit before a singular camp fire, only this time it’s a virtual bonfire burning brighter than all the wooden fires before. The basis of the stories we share across the awareness is still very much the same and they serve the same basic needs. It’s just that we are all sitting alone in front of this fire, blocked from true sharing of experience by our own wit. The current remedy of this is to use social media and the extensions there of; still we sit before the camp fire alone. The same problem of being cut from our communication abilities goes for the other initiatives to help us communicate at the virtual bonfire; enterprise x.0, web x.0 and enterprise architecture.

We have lost the transmission of all things that lies in our abilities except those that could be transcribed in that the most simple of symbols. We’ve gone from a global sharing model operating on the perceived wholeness of the system where knowledge is exchanged through promoters that use all their human abilities to interact, to a much smaller model where we operate on parts of the system where knowledge and it’s promoters has been replaced by information, data and interpreters that use a fraction of their ability to communicate.

Sense you later?


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