Reflections on the missing location in Archimate

Not having a concept for “Location” that stands on its own when creating these EA models will almost certainly create opportunity for misunderstanding.

A “usable” Location in any blueprint must always be an instance of the pure logical Location Concept.

An instance of a Location as used in an Enterprise context generally carry attributes of qualitative and quantitative types.

An instance of a Location could be thought of as a view.

The viewpoint of any Location could thus be regarded as a grouping of a set of concepts and their relations, as they are used in a specific relationship to general attributes not otherwise part of the grouped concepts and their relationships.

Any concept could of course be part of any other concept, thus a location could be a part of another location.

Aristotle’s in his theory of place expressed the sentence: “Hence the place of a thing is the innermost motionless boundary of what contains it”.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on the missing location in Archimate

  1. Hi,

    To dive straight in, I like the way you define location here. Note, however, that ‘location’ then is a concept of a different order than the ‘normal’ ArchiMate concepts. This need not be a bad thing.

    For a location concept to be usable, instances should be linkable to other model objects. E.g., when drawing a map of some structure elements (actors, application componetns, …) I’d want to be able to use color coding to show what is *where*. Any thoughts on how that fits with location-as-a-view?



  2. I’m glad you liked it. I agree that it is different, but as you say it need not be bad thing. Location is different and it should be treated different, only then will we be able to understand the implications of it and make use of it in a proper way.

    I visited your blog and found this post about location (There are lots of other excellent post on the blog also).

    Color coding is just one particular strategy one can follow to visualize the location of an object. If you assign a color to the location-as-a-view, then that could be inherited by all the objects inside that location.

    I’d probably use the name of the location and present that on the object whenever I needed to have that information explicit in the diagram. If I can keep the information implicit I’d go for a live icon that whenever hovered shows all the locations and their relations in a really awesome way.

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