Iteration #5 of a new Business Model for MTB Stage Races

Writing the Pitch!

In the fifth iteration I’ve written a pitch to present the business idea as it would be presented to potential participants. The pitch answers the basic set of questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

The Pitch

Welcome to Masters of the Trail 2012:
For this nine-day event we are working to raise $100,000+ worth of cash, equipment and time to support team selected charities. We expect you to be one of the anticipated thousands of candidate race competitors.

Who are the idea
Can anyone be anything but an idea? In order to get a monster like this on the ground one has to have the determination to go beyond what has been accomplished before. It would not be far fetched to compare the task to raising the dead or dividing the Baltic sea. So yes you have to be more than a driving force, you have to be the idea. The idea behind Masters of the Trail 2012 was born out of the frustration of not being able to ride like a professional, to not being able to reach out and help the millions, to not being able to live the life to it’s fullest on an MTB ;) . The concept behind the idea is a mix of stage racing, team building, reality show and social media. Today Jörgen Dahlberg and the registered participants are the idea, tomorrow you and thousands, perhaps millions will BE the IDEA.

What is the race
We are planning a mountainbike stage race where participants will be given all that is needed to ride like a pro across the wildest part of Europe. Each team owner selects a captain and together they build a
team consisting of three participants. Together they compete in the race with the ultimate goal to become ”masters of the trail”. The event is divided into four parts; excitement, commitment, experience and engage. Part one is a viral marketing campaign designed to get more than 1.000 people to sign up as candidate participants. Part two is the selection process where we aim to put together a minimum of 10 teams and a maximum of 30 teams. Part three is the race. Part four is the follow up to the race where we end the fund raising and get participants, brands and audience to come together as one community working for something bigger and better than themselves.

The race is set in August, 2012. A pre-race will be run between August 14-22/2011 with a maximum of 4
participants to check the trail, facilities and general area.

Kingstrail, Sweden.

Event Details
The race will be similar to an off-trail/on-trail adventure race. There will be checkpoints along the course that must be collected, however the participants are free to use all trails available within the designated race area (course) to get to the checkpoints. Participants get a map and use a compass or GPS device to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint, following the main course through the wilderness.

It’s fun! It’s free! It’s fresh. In addition to a multi-day televised outdoors event, each participant and team will have the chance to help donate thousands of dollars worth of cash, gear and time to charities around the world.

$0 per participant. All participants will receive a “swag bag” with free gear and an experience of a lifetime!
$21.000 per team. All team owners will have the right to select a captain from the field of participants.

Sign up here:

Email the race at:

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Resources used

Business Model Canvas


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