The Business domain in TOGAF

Much has been said about the general way that EA frameworks divides the world into different domains. Mostly “Architects” rant about the fact that in TOGAF there is the single domain “Business” that is said to  “take care of everything not IT” and such. Let’s take a look at how the News profession classify the world.

The News World

Let’s step outside of the Architecture Framework world and look into how some of the biggest news sites around the world divide information into domains. What we find is that most sites use the term Business as a classification for most things related to trade that is not classified under another specialized term.


Overview (Home)

Geographic (UK, Africa, Asia-Pac, Europe, Latin America, Mid-East, South-Asia, US & Canada)

Subject area (Business, Health, Sci/Environment, Tech, Entertainment)

Media type (Video)

CNN @ (international edition)

Overview (Home)

Geographic (US, Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East)

Subject area (Business, World Sport, Entertainment, Tech, Travel)

Media type (Video)

Collaboration (IReport)


Noteworthy is that ALJAZEERA has selected a different way of presenting the geographic domains at its top level as simply News. Unfolding the News domain we find the same basic set of geographic domains as the other two use.

Information type (News)

Subject area (Business, Weather, Sport)

Media type (Video)

Delivery channel (Programmes, Watch Live)

Collaboration (Blogs)

My suggestion is that there is indeed a fair use of the term Business in TOGAF ADM. There is however a lot to be said about what you’d investigate under the phase B (TOGAF 9 Business Architecture) as specified and what you as a practicing Architect would probably need to investigate. TOGAF does however tell the Architect that he/she should look into what should be added/changed/removed in each phase to accommodate the specific needs of the current context. My suggestion would be to re-purpose”, be nice and keep an open mind and most things will be possible.


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