Taking a turn on the BMCanvas

The basic question I’m exploring visually here is “Is there another perspective to be found using the BMCanvas by Alexander Osterwalder at any orientation?” For the Architect (whatever prefix is used Business/Enterprise/IT) relating to the concept of different orientations may help in focusing the effort on the areas most important to the sponsor.

The value proposition in focus

The first orientation is probably the basic perspective that most people tend to think of when using the BMC. If for instance you are an entrepreneur then finding the right values that the mix of product and services attaches to is crucial for survival.  The only problem in the model is that it argues from the stance of the entrepreneur, when it should be the customers values in focus. The entrepreneur does not create the values for anyone, he/she simply enhances another value that the receiver already has in possession.

Value proposition in focus

The profit in focus

The second orientation is from an investors perspective. In relation to BMC I’ve not seen this explored to any larger extent.

Profit in focus

The customer in focus

The third orientation is from the perspective of the customer. Not an unusual perspective when one try to adapt to trends in the markets. If you have a mature business then I’ve found that it is sometimes easier to start a BMC workshop from this perspective.

Customer in focus

The network in focus

The Fourth orientation is from the perspective of the network. Usually explored when one wish to optimize the value chain or when reaching beyond the market one is acting upon.

Network in focus

Other orientations
There are a lot more orientations to explore… I would especially like to see a visualization using a kaleidoscope or a nine sided tube as the inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Taking a turn on the BMCanvas

    1. I’d love to create it Lars. The best idea I have on how to do it today would be to use a 3D tool and create the models and then add some animations. However I must find the proper tool to create the visualization in. Do you or anyone else have a suggestion?

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