The happy people business

Basically I’ve been schooled as a questions man. It has been driven into the core of my personality since the dawn of my mind, so thorough has the impact been that now I firmly believe that the question is more important than the answer. Crafting a good question is an iterative process that can take seconds to years, even decades. But that is part of the beauty of the profession of my choice. Being an architect, I get to assume responsibility for the promise I make at the ideation stage. My counterpart expects me to live that responsibility for the lifetime of the solutions generated based on my design. That means that in my role I get to think about the deeper questions behind the needs and wants of people. I try and try again as I carefully craft those guiding questions that will generate the proper outcome from my design. One could say that I’m in the business of crafting questions, but I generally say that I’m in the happy people business because that’s what the questions are supposed to generate.

Designing for the smile in you :)


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