Basics of consolidation

Nothing new, just a reminder of how-to…

There is perhaps nothing new in this post, still it may remind us of the fact that continuous improvement cycles should not stop.

Five basic codes of conduct when doing consolidation

  1. Be inclusive – As you take inventory gather as much data as possible. Don’t be hampered by what is considered a certain type of object.
  2. Listen to people – Any service, product, process, application or technology is sure to have a certain set of stakeholders. You really need to understand their situation prior to disrupting their work.
  3. Clarify the goals – Most often the reasons for doing the consolidation effort is expressed as some monetary objective. Look beyond the objectives to try to find the true goals of the effort.
  4. Go wide – Staying within the safety of your current supplier, partner, solution, user won’t find you the perfect solution.
  5. Justify the means – Get the business case written and don’t forget to have at least the three scenarios of no change, some change and big change in it.

Three tips that can make the job easier

  1. Use a great method – Most of the enterprise architecture and business architecture methods can make the work flow easier as you perform the consolidation.
  2. Use awesome tools – There are excellent tools out there that can help you by containing the whole set of requirements, blue prints and plans. If you can not get one then use MS Excel or Google Docs.
  3. Use experienced people – Many have done consolidations, few have created tools and methods to support them in doing it again and again.

Now get out there and start consolidating for success!
And if you need help send me an email.


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