Is there a domain architecture trend in the architecture community?

I’ve observed what could be a trend in how people go about doing architecture for the enterprise. I’m not certain that this is an established trend, but I’ve asked around and apparently other people have noticed the same movement in their community. The trend would be doing domain architecture and relinquishing the effort of creating a coherent enterprise architecture. I believe that such a trend with domain architecture over enterprise architecture could be a sign that people have lost faith in the general organizations ability to convert to an agile and efficient society model that should serve all constituents. As a consultant in enterprise architecture, I get to experience these issues first handed across the industry. I think that it can be problematic if too many people think mainly to save themselves and not looking for larger solutions. Concurrent I think it’s good that especially many people within the organizations shows that they take architecture issues seriously. However failing to recognize that there are different perspectives at play simultaneously will inevitability cause a corruption of the “whole”.


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