Is this Architecture?

One need to ask if what is depicted in the view below is architecture or if it is solution design.

Figure 8 BusinessFunctionView

The  picture is taken from the ArchiSurance Case Study by the Open Group which has released it under a license.

The ArchiSurance Case Study can be downloaded here.


2 thoughts on “Is this Architecture?

  1. The short answer is probably ‘Yes’ – both. I see it as a fairly typical example of a diagram used in business-architecture to plan out an option for relatively-abstract solution-design.

    Archimate is a notation for various types of enterprise-related architectures: it’s not in itself architecture, nor does it purport to be.

    The architecture certainly exists, but it isn’t visible here: the architecture is in the process by which they arrived at this diagram, not the diagram itself. The distinction is perhaps important?

  2. I would start by asking why you need the diagram and how is it to be used?

    Without that context like Tom says it could be both. It could also be niether. It looks very unlikely to be complete or comprehensive regardless of whether it is being used as an architecture or a solution.

    From an architectural perspective (using VPEC-T) there is effectively no information about values, policies, trust and limited information about evenct and content.

    Using the Viable Systems Model there seems to be no time progression. Is this current state of future? There is some information about how things connect but nothing about how they coordinate or how they are monitored and how their performance is measured.

    The other thing that I would say about it is; as a business model, who is the audience for this document? If it is for business people then I advise that you throw it in the bin. Most executives that I work with will see an image like this, their eyes will glaze over and about half of them will reach for their mobile phones to start checking emails.

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