Publishing The Art of Enterprise Architecture

As some of you may be aware of I with the help of a wonderful set of people has been reviewing the final script for the book The Art of enterprise Architecture (working title). The plan is to have the book ready to be delivered in time for Christmas, just so you may all either make a wish for it or give it away as a present to all your friends.
  I’m working on what could be a follow up to this, bending the philosophy behind leading and managing an EA as depicted in The Art of Enterprise Architecture to one way of documenting the essentials of an architecture. The working name for that book is “The Art of Documenting Enterprise Architecture”. It is not so much about diagrams and pictures, more about the questions and how you could structure some of the answers that you get in response to those questions. Maybe it’s a checklist, maybe it’s more, at this moment it is early so the shape has not been distilled yet.
  For those who are interested to participate I’ve put up the first piece on my Google drive and in this work you are all invited to not only review but also contribute. Hopefully this time it will take a lot less than four years to go from idea to publication.
To get access follow the link and ask for permissions

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