The Project Business Model Timeline

This post is the fourth in a series of ten about real life experiences of using business model thinking as a foundation for planning and delivering change. Writing this post I’ve had the help of a true friend and admirable colleague (Eva Kammerfors) whom I’ve shared many of the referred to business model experiences with.

The Project Business Model Timeline

The cue here is that value rises to the top and is released through the yellow date bubbles. If you work in an environment where the appetite for release is higher, then you could add smaller grey/red date bubbles. These grey/red bubbles would contain the outcomes of each sprint as it is related to a result, shown here as red rectangles. (More on sprints in the next post)

The Project Business Model Timeline

When you plan the project timelines work with the result card you created earlier and try to capture the essential release dates from a business perspective. Do the job in a workshop format. Give everyone all the cards created so far and a set of empty timeline cards that they can outline their own view of the projects on, then merge all cards on a wall sized card. After the merge the group can prioritize using dots or any other marker on the wall sized card.

This is as all the work in The Project Business Model a highly participative and visual way of creating the understanding of the project results and effects. 


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8 thoughts on “The Project Business Model Timeline

  1. Hi Jorgen,

    This seems like an interesting series for project managers – and that’s why I’m interested in publishing it on PM Hut where many project managers will benefit from it.

    Please either email me or contact me through the contact us form on the PM Hut website in case you’re OK with this.

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