The Project Business Sprintlines

This post is the fifth in a series of ten about real life experiences of using business model thinking as a foundation for planning and delivering change. Writing this post I’ve had the help of a true friend and admirable colleague (Eva Kammerfors) whom I’ve shared many of the referred to business model experiences with.

The Project Business Model Sprintlines

When we plan and execute our changes we may end up on levels where people aren’t perhaps used to or see the benefit from working with scrum and agile techniques. On other areas of the solution space (primarily software development) people are used to these agile techniques and practice them with great satisfaction. Our work then is to merge the views of all these people into a planning instrument that can cater for all their ways, so we can have the best from them all.

One way of solving this problem is to pull it together in “sprintlines”. In this case we have within each grey box a planning area containing a first cut product backlog from which each team would create their sprints. We use the word sprintline to refer to the horizontal lines as we have found it easier to connect the detailed planning with higher order planning in this way.

The Project Business Model Sprintlines

When you plan the project sprintlines, do so in a workshop format. Give everyone a set of cards that they can outline their own view of the work on, then merge all cards on a wall sized card. After the merge the group can prioritize using dots or any other marker on the wall sized card. If possible use rules of thumb from scrum and other methods to correctly size and match the work. Refine the work on scrum boards and whatever other tools are necessary just be sure to aggregate it up to the programme and portfolio levels so we can have an investment view on it all.

This is as all the work in The Project Business Model a highly participative and visual way of creating the understanding of the project results and effects. 


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