The Capabilities of the Enterprise

There seems to be as many ways of talking about capabilities as there are ways of putting a shoe together. To add to the confusion functions, processes and other concepts of enterprise architecture is widely used as capabilities. Here I refer to capabilities as the core skills that we must master as a social system (the organisational level).

Capability litmus test
To figure out if the concept we have before us could be a capability we need some way of testing the concept. The easy way of doing this is to run through the step process of

  1. A capability gets better or worse every time you use it
  2. A capability is something which by the way it is used can provide:
    • the same results in different ways in the same environment
    • different results in the same and different environments
  3. A capability can briefly be described by:
    • A name
    • A description (with emphasis on the expected value)
    • An environment (in the context we expect to find the ability)

Capability principles
A capability can in some sort of detail be described by its constituent components
A capability is an organisational skill that requires the will of a superior system to be used.

Capability concepts
The purpose is to capture the capability concepts used in the enterprise.
Constituent components
Rules and Regulations


One thought on “The Capabilities of the Enterprise

  1. Interesting that you say they get better or worse each time you use them, meaning they are dynamic. That’s something to ponder over

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