Going on a customer journey

I did what so many people have done before me, I went on a trip to find a master ski smith. Stopped in my tracks for a moment to reflect on my journey. It was a long journey with many fine moments, I knew I would not remember them all after a while. I decided I needed a way of documenting my experiences so I used a tool that I’ve used on consulting engagements, it’s from Adaptive Path named Experience Map and it is a way to capture experiences. Today I let the map speak for my experiences, earlier I’ve written at least 6000 words to do the same and a bit more.

My Customer Journey with Community Skis
My Customer Journey with Community Skis

// Updates from 2014-12-13

I figured that it would be nice to see the actual skis that I built and some of the designs that got me to the final product. So here are some sketches of the branding and the skidesign.

I’m a firm believer in visual design and branding of products and services. So, prior to actually designing the skis I thought about what message I wanted my skis to send. I did some sketching on a piece of paper and out came this round figure looking kind of like a big eyed fish. I felt that this was not the final iteration of the design, so I added an arc between the ears. All of a sudden It went from a fish like figure into a dude with earphones. I did one more change since I wanted something louder and added the big iPod like mouth and that nailed it. Looking really hard at the three variations I eventually came to see the resemblance to the three wise monkeys. I named the variations, see, hear and speak and found myself with what I think of as a contemporary variation of the three wise monkeys.

SeeHearSpeak Logo
I designed a brand logo

Next step was to put the brand logo onto a ski carrying the designed features I was looking for (spring slush and a bit of all mountain). I wanted to make a bold statement so I choose the SPEAK visual to be at the tip of the skis. At first I made an all black ski but that was did not come out as well as I wanted it. So I designed a body to go with the head figure off SPEAK. I put the body in many different positions but ended up with it placed on the tail. Still I thought there was something missing so I added a mid section where the bindings go in yellow, that pleased me. In the picture below the bottom design is the one I went for.

Sketch 21
Sketch 21

To be really sure about the design I did some focused images with the tip and tail design. I then printed some copies and went out to friends asking them what they thought about the skis. Everyone was really excited about the whole journey I was on and most of the also liked the design.

Til and tail zoomed
Tip and tail zoomed

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