Defending the faith

You must understand that software is still one piece of the whole puzzle. I get it that you don’t want to create detailed models of the software architecture. I can relate to the fact that code is the true software blueprint. I’ve experienced every time that the code changes faster than the model can be updated. I truly get that this is the current state of the art wether you use agile or any other way of creating software. All of this is fine and I try to live by it. There is however this issue that software is just one part of the whole puzzle. When we try to figure out how to design the whole we turn to architecture. This is the scope where enterprise architecture comes to play. This is where we create models to effectively communicate between stakeholders. We usually start our designs in workshops where we use post-it and whiteboards to facilitate the dialog. Together we explore everything from peoples beliefs to automation features. Our end result is made up of decisions about overall solutions that we aim to rapidly get implemented and put to the market.

In the end agile is what agile be.


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