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Phone: +46 72 512 50 79
E-mail: jorgen.dahlberg@gmail.com
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Twitter: @greblhad

Jörgen Dahlberg


“With a unique expertise in business development and his sensitivity to current trends Jörgen creates environments that makes the difficult easy”

Jörgen has with his leading expertise put IT in a new perspective within business development and created a structured way of working. He has a deep knowledge of trends in the area, are dedicated and driven to further the development on new approaches and methods.

With his curiosity and attentiveness, he is a great inspiration to his colleagues and a brilliant presenter. Through clarity of thought he makes the difficult easy, and through his quest for the best results and reliable deliveries, he creates peace of mind for customers. He has unique expertise in building a business that works”

All of the above is based on responses from nine colleagues and customers providing answers anonymously in August 2015. This has been analyzed by Per Frykman – Your Professional Reputation AB


I want to inspire and energize you and your business to be the best in solving problems and capitalizing on digital opportunities in creative interaction with your customers.

My ambition is to ensure you and your business have a leading edge in terms of speed of decision-making, reaction to changes, and team cohesion while ensuring that all the capabilities are in sync throughout the digitization game.