The Scenario Canvas

This little canvas is part of my toolbox for detailing and documenting scenarios.

The Scenario Canvas

The Scenario Canvas


Note: I’m currently in a process of changing my presentation design (the image shows what the new design looks like) for all my work. When I’ve stabilized the design and applied it across all canvases and related material I’ll link up the powerpoint to Slideshare.

When you should use this

  • When designing target architectures I tend to use scenarios in conjunction with capabilities to help navigate the uncertainties of the future. (How this is done will be covered in a later post)
  • In the HBR article Living in the futures, Angela Wilkinson and Roger Kupers highlight how Shell has used scenarios.
  • In the McKinsey article The use and abuse of scenarios, Charles Roxburgh highlights some great insights into when and how to work with scenarios.
  • In the Forbes article Scenario planning and strategic forecasting, Jan Ogilwy presents a way of doing scenarios and also an interesting graph on what tools people use to peak into the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Post change log
2015-04-26: Published initial post


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